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Community Center Build

Newberry Project Spotlight

Robinson Renovation & Custom Homes (RRCH) had the opportunity to create a brand new Student Center at the Destiny Community Church in Alachua County, Florida.

This commercial construction project is an excellent example of how dynamic the talents of the RRCH team really are and the effectiveness of the design-build process.

The building itself is a pre-engineered metal structure with a custom awning that provides a covered patio area. The team created an expansive activities area, kitchen, and space for simply hanging out. 

Overall, the space uses durable commercial materials that communicate a current, contemporary feel.


Newberry, Alachua County, Florida

Project Goals

  • Student Center 
  • Space for Teaching
  • Basketball Court and Stage

Project Type

New Commercial Construction
Destiny Community Church Mezzanine
Destiny Community Church Mezzanine
Destiny Community Church Mezzanine


The mezzanine provides the perfect setting for hanging out with fellow youth members of the congregation.

RRCH designed a custom metal railing that's composed of steel and strong cables, leaving an unobstructed view of the basketball court below. 

HI bay LED light fixtures provide plenty of even lighting to play foosball, games, or to catch up on homework. 


Destiny Community Church Commercial Kitchen
Destiny Community Church Commercial Kitchen Window
Destiny Community Church Commercial Kitchen


Below the mezzanine, RRCH created a kitchen space that can handle everything from a place to store snacks and beverages to a space for storing and preparing for a large event. 

In the kitchen, you'll find a commercial refrigerator, a full-height commercial heated cabinet, a large basin sink, an incredible amount of storage, and enough granite counter space to serve a buffet. 

The kitchen is outfitted with two large concession windows, one opening to the interior and one to the exterior of the building. The glass concession roll-up door also serves as an expansive window for plenty of sunlight to fill the space.


The Activities Area

Perhaps the youth members' favorite space, the impressive open area provides enough square footage for a full-size basketball court and stage. Of course, the court can be used for an endless amount of other activities and events. 

As in many gyms like this one, it's typical to leave ductwork exposed. However, RRCH is focused on not only delivering a project that meets or exceeds expectations, but lasts well into the future. This is why RRCH made the decision to utilize exposed soft HVAC duct work in gym area to keep basketballs and other sports equipment from damaging traditional duct work.

Destiny Community Church Court
Destiny Community Church Stage
Destiny Community Church Window to Kitchen
Destiny Community Church Exterior

Robinson Renovation & Custom Homes not only provides expert home remodeling and custom home services, but also commercial property new builds and remodels. Our design-build process provides the perfect foundation for both residential and commercial projects. If your office, retail space, medical center, or any other commercial building is short on space, in need of an update, or if you're looking to hit refresh with a brand new space, contact Robinson Renovation & Custom Homes. Let's discuss your project needs and work together to create the space your organization deserves. 


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