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Design-Build Process

Work with one firm for the entirety of your
Alachua County project

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The RRCH Way

Working with a design-build firm means your project will be handled by the same talented team from beginning to end. No need to hire multiple professionals or seek out bids. Your project is in our care from the start. You’ll also have a single source of accountability, which makes for seamless collaboration, no finger-pointing if an issue arises, and everyone is focused on your vision. Your home project in Gainesville is in excellent care when you work with Robinson Renovation & Custom Homes. Take a look at our entire design-build process.



Initial Consultation

Your Design-Build team will meet with you to learn about your vision including any materials or features on your wish list, your design goals, your family’s needs, and an estimated budget for the project.

Preliminary Proposal

You’ll be presented with a preliminary budget and design agreement, which outlines what you can expect in the process. If everything satisfies your expectations, you’ll sign the design agreement to move onto the design stage.

Design Development

This is the part that many homeowners enjoy: creating a design and choosing your features and finishes with the guidance of a designer. You will also have the opportunity to refine your plans to create your perfect design.

Final Proposal

Once the final plans are complete, the specifications and a final price will be presented to you. Your contract documents can now be written in stone, so to speak, and the construction of your home can begin!


Now your project can become a reality! You’ll meet your designated Project Superintendent and Project Manager to be your points of contact throughout the rest of the project. Materials will be ordered, labor coordinated, permits obtained, and a detailed schedule will be developed.


On your scheduled start date, your project can begin and your Project Superintendent to keep you informed as work progresses. Your Project Manager will make routine site visits to ensure the job stays on schedule as planned with minimum disruptions.

Final Walk-Through

Your project is complete! Along with your Superintendent, you’ll visit the cleaned work site and be led through the new space. With a final checklist in hand, you and your Superintendent will make sure that every system, structure, and finish meets the predetermined expectations. If anything needs to be addressed, it will be taken care of promptly.

Closeout & Warranty

Your project may be complete, but we're not going anywhere! Should any issues arise, our team stands behind our work, and ready to help. 

Benefits of Design-Build

There are several practical reasons Design-Build is the optimal delivery method when you’re building a new custom home in Gainesville, Florida, or the surrounding area.

By working with one firm for the entirety of the project, you have a single source of accountability as your project moves from planning to construction.


The Design-Build process is the seamless and streamlined marriage between what was traditionally executed through multiple contracts. Each aspect of your team – designers and builders – are joined as one expert team.

Streamlined Communicationexpand_more

With a Design-Build team, the chances for miscommunication throughout your project is greatly diminished. This one-team method ensures your needs, budget, and expectations are constantly communicated and adhered to.

Owner Involvementexpand_more

Through the entirety of the 8-Step Design-Build process, your specific choices regarding plans, materials, and fixtures is easily communicated and effectively executed. Homeowner involvement in your project is welcomed!


Design-Build teams are made up of all the necessary parts of a building project – designers and builders. This means there is no need to hire third-party for your architect, designer, or contractor. This gives you a centralized group of experts to tap into for ideas and inspiration!


Since you are not only signing a contract with one firm for all parts of your design-build project, you also have one singular outlet to voice your project expectations. This severely diminishes or negates altogether the possibility of costly changes to your design, materials, and more once the project is started.


As your design-build team is truly one team, the time efficiency is increased due to the decrease of back-and-forth communication between designers and builders that is a possibility when working with a non-design-build firm. Your project is more likely to be completed on-time.

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What Our Clients Think

“For us, this was a large project and we have never done anything of this scope before. Scott and Jason did a fantastic job managing it and making things run smoothly. They were very helpful making the design the architect created fit into our budget and still make it look great! While purchasing the space, we looked at several builders and Scott made us feel the most comfortable with the job and managing the situation with tenants still working during construction.”

Andrew T., Taylor Dentistry

Commercial Building Remodel

Albertas Tailgate Kitchen Backsplash Gainesville

What Our Clients Think

“Great people to work with and they did a great job!”

David M., Alberta’s Tailgate

Whole-Home Remodel

Cambridge Forest Dining Room Remodel

What Our Clients Think

"We had an exceptional experience working with the whole team at Robinson Renovation & Custom Homes. They were helpful with design, sorting through and picking out finishes, and were incredibly helpful to us in navigating living in the home during the renovation. They were also willing to add additional projects to the initial scope of work, as needed. We would definitely recommend Robinson Renovation and Custom Homes to a friend!"

Stacey B.

Home Renovation

Fletcher Oaks Lot 87 Custom Home Kitchen

What Our Clients Think

"RRCH did exactly what they said, rare occurrence with builders, this was my 5th custom home and it was the best experience."

John G.

Custom Home

The Hamptons at HP Whole Home Remodel Custom Kitchen

What Our Clients Think

“The onsite management by Tom really made this project work. His wood working skills and attention to detail was extraordinary. He also effectively communicated with my wife and I so there were few surprises.”

Robby L.

Whole-home Remodel

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