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Love Your Neighborhood AND Your Home


You love where you live - but within your four walls feels cramped and outdated. Since Gainesville is an established town, it’s common to live in a home that’s outdated, plain and simple. Fortunately, there’s no need to move away from a neighborhood and community you love simply because your home is too small or outdated.












Gainesville Kitchen Remodeling


Bye-bye 1970s, hello 21st century. Whether you’re envisioning a clean, white kitchen upgrade with stainless steel appliances, or a kitchen with a pop of color and extra flair, your home’s most valuable gathering place can be your favorite room in just a few months time.

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Make it Modern

Update your outdated cabinetry, lay down new flooring, and add some under cabinet lighting. A little face-lift can go a long way!

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Make it Functional

Remove the island that's in the way, or maybe add one for more storage space. Have you considered a walk-in pantry addition?

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Make it Inviting

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It's time to let it fulfill it's intended purpose as gathering place, family space, and memory factory.

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Gainesville Bathroom Remodeling


Renovating your bathrooms is one of the most cost effective ways to add value to your home and your options are nearly limitless.

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Brighten Your Space

Updated light fixtures coupled with fresh paint and the latest and greatest in tile is just step one towards a bathroom refresh.

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Organize Away

Floating cabinetry and built in shelving means less plastic organizers taking up your precious counter space. Yes, please.

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Keep it Cozy

Help your guests feel at home in your home; a new tiled shower and water resistant flooring is step one.

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Gainesville Room Additions & Whole Home Renovations


Stretch your legs and give the kids more room to frolic. Adding a room to your Gainesville home adds value monetarily for a reasonable cost, and also value intrinsically. 

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Build More Space

Guest houses, mother-in-law suites, cabanas, additional investment properties - if you've got the land - we've got the plans.

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Expand Your Footprint

Extend your kitchen and living area, add another bedroom or office, or expand your home in another way. We're ready for it.

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Improve Your Quality of Life

Enjoy the sunshine (without the humidity) in a new sunroom or otherwise.

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Gainesville Outdoor Living Spaces


Florida Living = Outdoor Living Spaces. Luxurious cabanas, game day outdoor theaters, full service outdoor kitchens...think of your current space, but with a refreshing breeze....

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