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Jam Band Studio

Gainesville Project Spotlight

In a pastoral lakeside setting in Gainesville, Florida, the Jam Band Studio stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of visionary design and masterful construction. This PhantomFocus MixRoom™ Studio was brought to life through the collaboration of musician/engineer owner Ryan Frankel, acoustic designer Carl Tatz of Carl Tatz Design®, and Robinson Renovation & Custom Homes.

The inception of Jam Band Studio came about by an ideal partnership. Ryan Frankel, envisioning a non-commercial space dedicated to recording great music, turned to RRCH, a connection made through the successful completion of a project for a close friend. The goal was clear: to create a world-class recording studio that would stand out for its acoustic excellence and aesthetic appeal. Carl Tatz, renowned for his acoustic design expertise, joined forces with RRCH, bringing the vision closer to reality.


Gainesville, Alachua County, Florida

Project Goals

  • Non-commercial recording studio
  • Space for a wide array of equipment
  • Perfectly-executed acoustic design

Project Type

New Construction
Ceiling of Private Reocording Jam Band Studio Gainesville
Private Music Studio SE Gainesville Booth Interior
Private Music Studio SE Gainesville Recording Studio Design


The ambition behind Jam Band Studio was to construct a stand-alone music studio that would serve as a creative sanctuary for musicians without the constraints of a commercial studio. The studio was meticulously planned to include a PhantomFocus MixRoom™, three amp closets, a vocal booth, and a tracking room that not only met but exceeded professional recording standards.

The studio boasts 20' ceilings and a custom storefront glass exterior wall, with an interior that features custom casework and an elevation overlooking a serene private lake.


Break Room in Custom Music Production Studio in Gainesville
Two Sound Booths in Custom Recording Studio Space in Gainesville

The design includes walls set 3 degrees off from each other, creating an air space between all walls and ceilings to prevent sound travel. Double doors at every opening further ensure sound isolation. The exterior's brick façade and a post-tension slab address the site's clay soil conditions, while custom HVAC ductwork eliminates sound transfer.

Inside, a half bath features a custom European barrel sink, an accent wall with blue tile, solid wood doors with glass inserts, and wood flooring for sound deadening.

Interior Custom Recording Music Studio in Gainesville
Custom Bathroom wirh Blue Tiled Feature Wall in Gainesville Music Studio
Acoustic Design in Booth for Private Recording Studio in Gainesville
Hall with Art in Custom Commercial Music Studio in Gainesville


The construction of Jam Band Studio was not without its challenges. Achieving the desired acoustic perfection required ultimate attention to detail and the use of custom materials. By depending on our proven design-build process, these challenges were overcome through mindful collaboration and efficient problem-solving. 

Limited space on the property necessitated the use of unique equipment for material transport. The site's poor soil conditions and drainage issues were ingeniously resolved with a drainage and retaining wall system. Moreover, the intricate specifications and details required for optimal acoustics demanded precision and expertise, ensuring the studio was built to the highest standards.

Encore: Your Dream Project Awaits

Jam Band Studio is more than just a recording space, it's a masterpiece of design and functionality that sets a new standard for music studios. At Robinson Renovation & Custom Homes, we're proud to have delivered a project where every note of construction and design harmonizes to create a space that is as visually stunning as it is acoustically perfect.

If you're dreaming of a custom project that sings to your soul, from home renovations to new commercial spaces, contact Robinson Renovation & Custom Homes. Let's compose your dream project together, where your vision meets our craftsmanship to create something truly extraordinary.

Kitchen Area in Private Custom Recording Studio in Gainesville
Interior Main Room of Music Studio and Recording Space in Gainesville
Private Music Studio SE Gainesville Interior Recording Area Remodel
Guitar Display in Custom Music Studio in Gainesville
Private Music Studio SE Gainesville Exterior Two Story Window

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