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Whole-Home Renovation

This renovation, that we wrapped up just before Thanksgiving, was for someone very near and dear to us. We'll let them reveal themselves, if so inclined.... 

Here's another case of someone who knew exactly what they wanted, we just had to help with the heavy lifting. In short, we added about 10' to their living room and back bedroom, renovated the kitchen, eliminating a troublesome bottleneck and created the now locally infamous "Poor House" bar in their formerly underutilized formal living room. Now, they may never leave!

While we didn't touch everything in this beloved, meticulously landscaped and kept home, we sure did get into a lot of it. So much so, that the lady and gentleman of the house thought it best to move out into their camper while we did our thing. While we'd never insist on you getting out of your own home if you don't have to, it sure does make things go faster for all involved. Although, we're quite sure they'd also share that having to batten down the hatches on their temporary home not once, but TWICE due to threat of hurricanes, was certainly not what anyone of us anticipated while we were planning this project! We're so happy to share these long overdue snaps of a larger, yet somehow cozier home. Take a peek, and do let us know what we can do for you!