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Foxfire Woods

Whole-Home Renovation

The upgrade of this home encompassed much of the floor plan. In three areas, the windows were replaced, and the framing modified to provide 3 bay windows. Exterior doors were upgraded, as well as much of the flooring.

Most stunning of all, however, were the kitchen and fireplace. While the layout of both areas remained largely the same, all new finishes were installed. An outdated soffit above the upper cabinets was removed, as were the laminate cabinets, to make way for taller upper cabinets and a full-height pantry, to give more storage and architectural interest. We were able to sneak in a bar cabinet on the end of the kitchen, on the wall shared with the fireplace, giving a great use to what otherwise might be dead space.

The homeowners selected wonderful warm, neutral finishes in the kitchen that blended seamlessly into the new stone façade around the fireplace.