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Conference Catalysts

Commercial Renovation

Conference Catalysts

This commercial office renovation produced a clean and cool place for this office team. Beautiful LVP flooring used throughout the main spaces of the office is accentuated with bold and blue accent walls – sticking with the company brand's colors. In spaces more often equipped with heavy furniture or chairs that could damage the flooring, carpet tiles were installed to match the direction of the wood, creating both practical and aesthetically-pleasing visuals.

A cool grey is used on the main walls instead of opting for an all-white space, to make the office feel more inviting. In individual offices, we brought in one of the biggest trends we see in residential homes – shiplap accent walls. This makes the space feel more comfortable, with the added bonus of giving you a great background on your Zoom calls!

The staff kitchen can go head-to-head with some in-home kitchens – beautiful mid-tone grey cabinetry on the bottom accented with white cabinetry on the top, plenty of counter space for everyone to make their coffee and toast their bagels, and a cafeteria-style table.