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A carpenter is defined as a craftsperson with a skill and experience level greater than a helper or laborer, but less than a Project Superintendent. The carpenter will generally have a smaller tool inventory and will need direction for performing activities beyond basic carpentry skills.

Specific Duties:

1. A carpenter is generally used as a second person on a job when needed per the Project Superintendent’s request. The carpenter is responsible for the quality of whatever work he or she is assigned by the Project Superintendent.

2. Carpenters are under the direction and supervision of the Project Superintendent while on a project and will generally work with all Project Superintendents as requested. Lifting heavy loads is a typical function of the carpenter. He or she must be able regularly to lift as much as 80 pounds.

3. The carpenter is expected to follow all policies as stated in the Carpenter’s Manual and report to the job site by 7:30am, with all necessary tools and equipment and ready to work.

4. The carpenter is expected to contact the Production Manager for assignment before leaving a job site if he or she is not needed by the Project Superintendent the following day.

5. The carpenter will always be training to learn new skills and to handle additional responsibilities. During the training, the carpenter will begin to acquire the major skills and tools needed to become a Project Superintendent.

6. When the need for direction becomes minimal, the carpenter will begin to assume Project Superintendent responsibilities on smaller, less complicated jobs (such as small bathrooms, warranty work, roofing/siding projects). The Production Manager will closely direct and support the coordination of these projects, until such a time as the carpenter is promoted to the position of Project Superintendent.

7. The promotion of Project Superintendent will not occur until the carpenter’s skill levels include the following items:

     a) Accurately analyzing blueprints and plans

     b) Layout and calculating amounts of materials needed for: Rough framing, roof framing, finish work, drywall work, other work

     c) Layout, scheduling, framing, finishing, etc. of: Room additions, kitchens and/or baths, fire restorations, decks

     d) Knowledge and understanding of: Job costs, budgets

8. In order to be promoted, the carpenter must be willing to accept the responsibilities of a Project Superintendent, as detailed in the job description for that position.

9. The carpenter who seeks promotion must be proficient in the following areas:

     a) Customer Service: Written and verbal communication, use of dust barriers and drop cloths, smoke-free worksites, radio volume in     moderation, protection of customer’s property, problem-solving.

     b) Project coordination and scheduling of: Material suppliers, trade contractors, other carpenters, painters, laborers

     c) On-site change orders: Calculating amount of change order if it is a small change, knowing when to call the Sales Person to price a change or to sell the change order to the customer, collecting from customer if a major change.


E-verify, background check and pre-employment drug screen are part of our hiring process.


How to Apply:

Download, fill out and scan our Employment Application and submit that along with your Resume and Cover Letter (in Word or PDF format) using the form on this page.


Download and fill out our Employment Application, FAX it along with your
Resume and Cover Letter to: 352-331-7768


Download, fill out and scan our Employment Application and E-Mail it along with your
Resume and Cover Letter (in Word or PDF format) to



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